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STUDIO COLONNA s.r.l. carries out the design, preliminary, final and executive, in the following areas of work:








STUDIO COLONNA s.r.l. , an engineering company working in the field of building and architectural design, security and environmental protection, structural, plant engineering, in the energy field, is able to offer synthesis and synergy of these allows you to:

 Optimizing the design result in terms of construction costs and of better quality of the work;

• Ensure short time of realization of the project;

 Reduce variations during construction thanks to a thorough preliminary study;

• Tackle the job with the widest guarantees of competence.

It must underline the particular and recognized competence of our company within the hydrological risk, that definitely distinguishes from the competition thanks to its experience in the field.


Architectural design (public and private)

  • Designing of civil buildings (residential, office, sports, school,hospital, etc)
  • Industrial building design
  • Design of rural buildings, farms and transformation products
  • Commercial building design
  • Urban forniture design
  • Renovation of existing buildings


Urban planning  (public and private)

  • Design, dimensioning and procedures for the realization of PRG or partial variants of the PRG;
  • Design, dimensioning and procedure for the realization of implementation plans: Plans Housing Development, Recovery Plans, Detailed Plans, PIRUEA (Integrated Program of Urban Recovery);


Structural design

  • Calculation of rinforced concrete structures
  • Calculation of masonry structures
  • Calculation of wooden structures
  • Calculation of steel structures
  • Structural analysis of aluminium and of mixed aluminium structures 
  • Calculation of prefabricated structures in normal and pre-stressed reinforced concrete
  • Consolidation and seismic retrofitting of exisisting buildings


Geotechnical design

  • Geotechnical calculation
  • Calculation of foundation structures
  • Structural support works calculation
  • Structural bulkheads calculations
  • Verification of slope stability in loose rock or soil


Hydraulic design

  • Mapping, design and hydraulic tests of aqueduct and sewerage networks
  • Identification studies and management of the major water networks
  • Studies for the redevelopment of waterways connected to phenomena of instability and regulation
  • Studies for the redevelopment and environmental enhancement of the area crossed by rivers
  • Hydraulic heck of the compatibility of discharges, artifacts, crossings
  • Design of land reclamation works 
  • Design of hydraulic protection works 
  • Design of water collection of surface and groundwater works 
  • Hydrological characterization of the territory

Maritime and coastal planning

  • Design of maritime and harbor works
  • Design and calculation of models suitable ensure the coasts from erosion and wave action

Fire design

  • Practices for obtaining and renewal Fire Prevention Certificates
  • Thermal analysis and verification of resistance to fire of structural elements
  • Preparing certified REI based on analytical assessments
  • Drafting of projects for the fire required compliance
  • Assessment of risk and the identification of prevention and protection measures
  • Drafting of evacuation and emergency plans plant design thermotechnics

Plant design thermotechnics

  • Integrated design of the facility building system for checking the parameters of the law on energy saving
  • Planning of energy improvement intervention 
  • Design of air conditioning and cooling plants for civil and industrial buildings

Electrical systems planning

  • Planning electrical installations for civil and industrial use
  • Check the risk of lightning strikes the building and design of protective systems LPS and SPD
  • Design of interior and exterior lighting systems
  • Project electrical home automation systems for civil and industrial buildings
  • Design and verification of data distribution systems for civil and industrial buildings

Inspections and testing of electrical systems existing and possible drafting of a compliance statement as in D.M. 37/08;