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« The soft nature of water spills suddenly overflowing with over ... or solid bridges can withstand sudden onslaught of water presses»




The hydraulic engineering is the branch of civil engineering that deals with the study of phenomena related to static and kinematic fields of fluids, especially water. The fields of study are manifold: pressurized conduit flows, free surface flows, wave motions of solid material transport, hydrology, filtration motion.

The hydraulic engineering is divided into various disciplines

  • HYDRAULIC deals with the study of one-dimensional fluids, two-dimensional and three-dimensional, in uniform motion, permanent or varied, under pressure or free surface.
  • HYDROLOGY is the study of rainfall on river basins and their transformation into runoff, surface and subsurface.
  • HYDRAULIC involved in the design of hydraulic structures through the application of the principles of hydraulics and hydrology.
  • CONSTRUCTION MARITIME deal with the wave motion of the study and design of maritime works (harbors, dams, canals, piers)