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STUDIO COLONNA S.r.l. is an engineering company based in Messina, specialized in many engineering fields and architecture.

The company, which has chosen to certify its organization and management system in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001, is structured into three areas of expertise:

  • administrative area (mail, order management and customer relations, preparation public tender, accounting)
  • design office (design and consultancy)
  • work execution area (works supervision, measurement and accounting)

The distinction of competencies, in conjunction with the organizational capacity, enables the optimal order management. For each job a prime contractor is immediately appointed, chosen among the most experienced staff. He (or she) will follow the contract throughout its design process and construction.

The company has assets of about 10 permanent employees as well as some highly specialized figures that allow the study to provide specific answers for custumers in every circumstance.

A construction engineer, expert in urban planningappraisals, arbitration and consulting, an infrastructure engineer specialized in road design, a geotechnical engineer with strong knowledge both practical and theoretical, a structural engineer with building design skills in the most modern fields of green building, and a structural engineer highly qualified in the field of seismic design.

These are just some of the professionals of the society STUDIO COLONNA.

The senior partner play a vital role in guiding and training the younger professionals by sending them the know-how acquired during their long professional experience.

In addition, to expand the society knowledge, the company provide its professionals  with a consistent training program, organized in technical courses and upgrades of computer hardware and software skills.