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« The judge need to be more courageous to be right appearing unfair, that appearing to be unfair to correct » 

Piero Calamandrei


In engineering, a role of particular importance is the legal aspect. In this regard Articles. 360 and 508 Code of Criminal Procedure as well as Articles. 61 et seq. and 191 et seq. Code of Civil Procedure designate "appraiser" who is expected to perform the required investigations.

The "technical advice" is the means by which the court acquires and integrates the stage of education evidentiary those technical knowledge of which is not provided but which are necessary for the decision of the dispute which has been referred.

Finally, it defines "arbitration" (from the Latin arbitratusie judgment) an alternative method of dispute resolution (that is, without recourse to a pro), which consists in entrusting to one or more third parties (the referees) Appointment of resolve a dispute by a decision (the award) that will be binding on the parties and capable of being carried out, including on enforced.



  • Technical Consulting in tax proceedings relating to the appeal No. 2410/14 of Antofin srl adverse settlement notice n ° 20131t000136 the Tax Agency - Provincial Directorate of Messina
  • Technical Consulting in the Appeal n ° 3121/08 proposed by the Revenue Agency - Messina against Ennebi srl
  • Consultancy in the tax process concerning the use n.3940 / 09 Immobiliare Selene srl adverse notice of correction n.20071 T000 294000 of Tax Revenue - Direct. Prov. Messina
  • Technical Consulting for the determination of the market value in common trade of real estate and related public land area constituting the industrial operators "in liquidation Molini Gazzi S.P.A." in Messina - Via O. De Zardo
  • Technical Consulting Office of the dispute pending between "Livoti Construction SNC" and "Peloritana Procurement Co. 'against Department L.L.P.P. Region of Sicily